Among the Stars Mod Unlocked Full v1.5.5

Among the Stars Mod Unlocked Full v1.5.5

Among the Stars is a digital version of a highly acclaimed board game & a 2015 Origins Awards Best Card Game Nominee.

Imagine a distant future. A once peaceful galaxy has been torn apart by war. Alien races fight for power and dominance. And then a new threat appears on the horizon, with the potential to wipe them all out. In the face of this new enemy all races must make peace and unite to survive. You represent one of those races. Your goal is to help build space stations throughout the galaxy, to help promote trade among the races, strengthen diplomatic relations and help defeat the new threat you all face. However, your most important task is to make your space station the greatest of them all. Among The Stars will allow you to select locations through card drafting, and use them to build your station, scoring victory points based on the placement. Construction lasts four years, and the alien race with the most points at the end wins.


Game Name: Extreme Car Driving
Category: Board
Release Date: 25.04.2019
Language: English
Size: 74 MB
Company: Cublo
File Type: Full Free


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