Battle of Vicksburg Mod Full

Battle of Vicksburg Mod Full for free android download v2.0
Battle of Vicksburg Mod Apk; Battle of Vicksburg is an Action game developed by Thorium Game Lab studio. Fight on vast battlefields in a strategic FPS set in the American Civil War.

Enroll in the army of the North or South, and join the infantry, cavalry, artillery, sharpshooter or the navy.

Lead and command your troops to charge the enemy lines or defend your strongholds.

Join the navy, and fight intense naval battles for control of the mighty Mississippi and the strongholds on the high bluffs.

Give orders to your fleet to gain victory in intense naval battles, from the Union northern base at “Young’s Point” to the Confederate southern stronghold of “Grand Gulf”.

Fight on the historic Civil War battlefields of the Vicksburg Campaign, including: “Champion Hill”, “Big Black River Bridge”, “Railroad Redoubt”.

Experience the American Civil War in an original hybrid of first person shooter and strategy game!


Game Name: Battle of Vicksburg
Category: Action
Release Date: 18.07.2019
Language: English
Size: 226 MB
Company: Thorium Game Lab
File Type: Apk


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