Battlefield 4 Mobile APK Millet Shootout The Last Survivor

Battlefield 4 Mobile APK Millet Shootout The Last Survivor

Battlefiald 4.
need to know:
Spot the enemy: The spot is played with the q key. Take your hand to the spot. You can also spot enemy vehicles and see if your friends can see it. If you spot the enemy you are spotting, collect the spot points. When you spot the enemy, it will be an orange phrase and the shot will be better. Spotted enemies can be seen on the map by other teammates.
Field 2: The field you’re shooting at in the game. In the game he can make conversation with different weapons. you can examine the weapon. You can shoot with the example weapons the game gives you. You can fill the bullet box.
3. Shoot in short field for more distant targets. It is possible to remove the weapon’s tab power from the center. With your defibrillator, you can revitalize your dead teammate with a fully animated Yada MathCit.

Category: Action&aAdventure
Release Date: 04.08.2018
Language: English
Size: 931MB



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