Bubblegum Hero v 1.0.7 Fashion (Free Shopping)

Bubblegum Hero v 1.0.7 Fashion (Free Shopping)

A hipster walking down the street chewing a gum is a rather normal view, but a sumo fighter during the Olympics or a granny at the gym chewing a Protein Gum? That’s something new!
The beginning is basically ‘How to blow a bubblegum balloon 101’, in case you somehow never done that. It teaches where to tap the screen and when are you suppose to release your finger if you don’t want the gum to pop on your face. It’s easy and fun, but you will advance quickly to the next worlds and trust me, by the time you reach the 4th world you will become a Bubble Gum Specialist. And oh boy, there will be a lot to discover yet!

Category: Arcade
Release Date: 17.12.2018
Language: English
Size: 50 MB
Company:Crimson Pine Games
File Type: Apk
MODs?:(Free Shopping)



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