Cat War2 v7.3.0 Apk Mod Box Android Download

Cat War2 v7.3.0 Apk Mod Box Android Download

  • 1 Million Downloads Event!
  • Get lots of diamonds from bonus game.
  • 3x bonus game reward points (3/17 ~ 3/24)The war of cute cats and dogs…
    The scattered cat heroes gathered to protect their kingdom and fight against the dogs.
  • I’m the god of cats, ‘Catphinx.’
    You can control the cats and the heroes that have a special ability.
  • Dynamic defense game
    Upgraded from ‘Cat War 1’ and developed by WESTRIVER
  • Simple control and various contents
    A Line based war game that gathers resources and dispatch cats to destroy the enemy.
    Added various heroes and bonus games.

Cat War2

Category: Strategy
Release Date: 16.09.2018
Language: English
Size: 88.25 MB
Company: WestRiver
File Type: Apk
MODs?: game currency hacked



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