Chrono Clash Mod x10 Damage

Chrono Clash Mod x10 Damage + Defense + Skills Effect x10 Android v1.0.285 Download
This is a Role Playing game. Gamenami Developed and presented by. Customize your heroes equipment, skills and appearance! Design heroes that fit your playstyle. 20 job classes, over 100 skills and 200 items to choose from. Height, positioning and timing are the key elements of the tactical gameplay in Chrono Clash. Flank enemies or attack them from high ground with ranged weapons. Clever tactics and strategy will allow you to overcome stronger foes even when outnumbered. Play with either a dynamic camera or traditional isometric camera view.The Kingdom of Tevalles is in turmoil after the King’s death. As the new leader of your mercenary company, you are thrust into the intrigue behind the power struggles of the nobility. Embark on a journey that will change the fortunes and future of Tevalles forever.


Game Name: Chrono Clash
Category: Role Playing
Release Date: 15.07.2019
Language: English
Size: 90 MB
Company: Gamenami
File Type: Apk


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