Gladiator Heroes v3.2.4 Mod Apk Download

Gladiator Heroes v3.2.4 Mod (Click Speed ​​X2 / Anti Ban) Apk Download

Experience the best fighting and strategy game, where Spartan fighters, Gods, such as Thor, and gladiator heroes fight and clash to attain glory.Play this fighting and strategy game, and fight against Spartan enemies and Gods in the best arenas in the empire, like the incredible colosseum.Play this action-packed multiplayer strategy game! Have fun fighting and defeating your enemies – from epic Spartan heroes to Gods of Rome.This is the best, action-packed fighting and strategy video game, where you play to fight with or defeat Spartan warriors and Gods such as Thor, God of thunder, or Xena: Warrior Princess.
This addictive Spartan strategy game includes the best blend of clash and fighting elements, where you must equip your Spartan fighter heroes with the best weapons – fight with swords, shields, axes, gladiator warhammers and spears – and make sure your fighters are always fighting fit with the best strategy in the game.
In one of the best fight and strategy games in the world, you’ll band your best team of fighting heroes and gladiators together in Ancient Rome to fight and defeat your enemies, and see your Spartan weapons clash!

Category: Strategy
Release Date: 10.07.2019
Language: English
Size: 165 MB
Company:Genera Games
File Type: Apk+Data
MODs?:(Click Speed ​​X2 / Anti Ban)



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