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Life is Strange is an excellent work of human relations, goodness, truthfulness, and most of all friendship. Would you sacrifice a big city for your friend, or would you give up your friend to save a lot of people? Maybe this might be the hardest choice in the game, but I’ve had things like that during the game so it was easy for me to make that choice. I have to point out that I did not make the right choices during the game and that I caused some negative events. Do not look up, Max, you were in the hands of a socially weak and thoughtless man like Okan. Soon I can play again by learning from my mistakes.

Another powerful aspect of the game is the music. Both high-quality music was selected and these music fits perfectly into the subject, characters, scenes and scene passages. Spotify has a list of music. I recommend you listen. I am listening again and again. Especially Santa Monica Dream and Mt. Washington is my favorites.
One of the problems with the game is that I think the side characters are very superficial. It’s so superficial that you pass it without worrying about them and you can not discover the stories. But the opposite is true when we come to the main characters. The leading characters are very well designed. It’s all a story, a personality. The only disturbance is that the lips do not play much in the animations the characters are talking about. It’s a bit annoying.

Category: Action
Release Date: 23.07.2018
Language: English
Size: 930 MB
File Type: apk


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