Mosquito Insect Simulator 3D v 1.3.0 Mod (lots of money)

Mosquito Insect Simulator 3D v 1.3.0 Mod (lots of money)

Meet absolutely new Mosquito Insect Simulator 3D – game for all the animals simulator lovers! Become a pretty wild insect — mosquito!

Plunge into the northern woods, plains, and hills and enjoy the beautiful microworld! Fly across the plains and forests, struggle with predators, search for warm blood, protect your nest from aggressive spiders, avoid attacks of frogs and have fun!

Maybe you are not a vampire, but a blood-sucking col-blooded beast too! To survive here all you need is blood, warm blood of mammals. So, seek for cows, goats, sheep, pigs, hens, and rabbits to feed on the bright fluid from their veins!

Let’s show who is the best flyer here! Don’t relax and be attentive, keep your sting alert – aggressive insects, such as bees, beetles, spiders or scorpions are nearby you. Don’t forget to check your flier health, energy, water and food indicators to survive!

Earn points for successfully done different missions and unlock new interesting skins for your mosquito – sand fly, yellow fever mosquito, northern house mosquito, and even Lutzomyia shannoni – or power its characteristics up!

Start your own wild adventure in this realistic microworld with Mosquito Insect Simulator 3D!

Mosquito Insect Simulator 3D features:
Ultimate blood-sucking insect simulator
Pretty house mosquito as the main character
Chance to live an insect life
Some ways to update your mosquito
Beautiful 3d graphics for unlimited pleasure

Release Date: 10.09.2018
Language: English
Size: 35 MB
Company:Wild Animals Clan
File Type: Apk



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