NearEscape MOD APK Unlimited Ammo v0.92.002 Download

NearEscape MOD APK Unlimited Ammo v0.92.002 Download
NearEscape Mod APK; One day the virus spread across the world. Everyone was affected by this airborne infection. Humanity collapsed rapidly and most people could not avoid death. However, only a few survived, and some of them were revived with lost memories and reasons.

NearEscape Mod APK; The game hero wakes up with a morning amnesia. In cities and suburbs, we must overcome hunger and despair and regain memories. You can see the sunrise, the rain and the mist in real time while you are able to explore the nearby escape, large areas and many buildings.

NearEscape Mod APK; You can lose time along shadows and you can count on a flashlight at night. When it rains, health recovery slows down. Watch your footprints and gunshots. Zombies are sensitive to sound. Are you ready for this challenging action?

Category: Adventure Games
Release Date: 17.12.2018
Language: English
Size: 75 MB
Company: ElMaHeGames
File Type: Apk


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