PAKO Forever MOD

PAKO Forever MOD All Cars Unlocked Android Download v1.0.7

PAKO Forever is an action-packed car game where you try to escape from the police. PAKO is one of the rare racing games on the mobile platform. If you like arcade racing games based on the police criminal chase, you should definitely play this game even if you haven’t played the series before.

PAKO Forever MOD All Cars Unlocked Android Download v1.0.7
In the latest game of PAKO, the car racing game that attracts mobile players with its isometric graphics, you are encountering more and more aggressive lasting ones. You’re trying to get past the cops as long as you can. In the upper left corner you are shown your escape time, the distance you have traveled and the number of cars you have scrapped. It’s not too hard to get past the cops. If you use the road obstacles wisely, you can have a police accident. The game ends if you hit any obstacles or you get stuck in one of the cops. In the meantime, every time you die, the department is changing. Forget if you think of memorizing the way and increasing your score. Without forgetting, to control your car, all you have to do is hold down the left and right side of the screen. For sharp turns you keep the buttons pressed.

Category: Racing Games
Release Date: 13.01.2019
Language: English
Size: 30 MB
Company: Tree Men Games
PLAY LINK: Play.Google
File Type: Apk


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