PickCrafter – Idle Craft Game MOD

PickCrafter™️ – Idle Craft Game MOD Unlocked Android Download v4.22.3

PickCrafter is an incremental idle crafting clicker game that lets you take control of a pickaxe and dig deep into the biomes 💎 Even while idle or offline! Just start tapping to mine. Upgrade Legendary Pickaxes, collect all the blocks and gear, and unlock all the Biomes Digging for gold has never been more exciting! Tap to start, then upgrade your Artifacts and Abilities to mine deeper, faster.

PickCrafter™️ – Idle Craft Game MOD Unlocked Android Download v4.16.0
PickCrafter is the perfect incremental clicker idle game for fans of endless fun. Tap the day away digging for gold, diamonds, amethyst, and more! Find companions, and craft items to boost your PPS – get digging today!

Category: Simulation Games
Release Date: 07.07.2019
Language: English
Size: 66 MB
Company: Fiveamp
PLAY LINK: Play.Google
File Type: Apk


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