Pirates & Pearls: A Treasure Matching Puzzle Apk Mod

Pirates & Pearls: A Treasure Matching Puzzle Apk Mod v1.9.1201 Android Download
Plunder yer way through hundreds of match 3 puzzle levels filled with precious loot. Solve puzzles, build ships, pillage wealthy ports and construct gold mines while perfecting yer match 3 and buccaneering skills.

Matching games be yer first task. Match 3 gems to complete the level before ye run out of moves and must walk the plank! Solve puzzles by using and combining special boosters and power-ups. Hundreds of match 3 game levels lie ahead, complete with boatloads of pesky obstacles and special puzzle-solving tools.

Solve puzzles on a treasure hunt alone or play with yer mates to increase yer haul. Match 3 puzzles and great plunder await – think ye to be a real swaggering pirate? Then weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen when ye download Pirates & Pearls!

Category: Puzzle Games
Release Date: 10.06.2019
Language: English
Size: 100 MB
Company: G5 Entertainment
File Type: Apk
MODs?: Unlimited Lives


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