Pokémon Rumble Rush Mod Apk 1.1.1 (God Mode)

Pokémon Rumble Rush Mod Apk 1.1.1 (God Mode)

Pokemon Rumble Rush MOD is a free start-up fight, in which you take on the role of an adventurer. Your mission is to explore the various Pokémon living in these undiscovered areas as well as the new islands.

Your Pokémon will protect you at any moment.
By tapping on your mobile device’s screen, the Pokémon you choose will fight the upcoming enemy Pokémon waves. The Pokémon you fight have the chance to be friends with you. They can be used in future battles when they do. The more you collect Pokémon of the same kind, the stronger the Pokémon joins you. (Pokemon Rumble Rush only gets out on mobile devices.)

You can explore the legendary Pokémon.
Seven generations of Pokémonar appear in the game. New discoveries will show you that each island has its own Super Boss, who must be defeated in battle. When you’re successful, you’ll get the chance to offer items to strengthen your Pokémon. In addition, your Pokémon can be further strengthened using two different types of gear wheels. There is a power enhancement that will increase your Pokémon’s personal statistics for a limited time, and there’s an aggregator that lets your Pokémon call another Pokémon in the battle.


Game Name: Pokémon Rumble Rush
Category: Action
Release Date: 27.06.2019
Language: English
Size: 45 MB
Company: The Pokemon Company
Mod: Coming soon


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