REDCON MOD APK Unlocked Android Download v1.4.2

REDCON can be defined as a mobile castle defense game that allows players to fight by commanding their own castles. World War I, instead of ending, goes on for many years and the world is dragged into chaos. We are involved in one of the countries that are party to World War I. What we are fighting in REDCON, a senior general in this country’s army, is another commander who betrayed our country.

REDCON MOD APK Unlocked Android Download v1.4.0
REDCON is combining your own combat gear with various cannons, air defense weapons and other weapons of high range and we are throwing bullets into our enemy’s fortress. Our enemies also respond to us with similar weapons. In addition, the combat vehicles such as zeppelin are also included in this war. Throughout the game we develop our weapons and try to outmaneuver our enemies.

REDCON has quite successful graphics. Features explosion effects and visual effects of projectiles afford a pretty pleasing look.

Category: Strategy Games
Release Date: 16.06.2019
Language: English
Size: 22 MB
Company: HEXAGE
PLAY LINK: Play.Google
File Type: Apk
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