Skinwalker: Bigfoot Hunter Mod Many Rescources

Skinwalker: Bigfoot Hunter Mod Many Rescources Android v1.02 Download
Join this 2019 to kill the bigfoot in a big island and dangerous environment. Dynamic shadows, hi-res textures and realistic models all combine to make this one of the most beautiful games on your mobile device! Animals become alert and they start sniffing to find out where the bullets coming from. Explore, escape and move around of this adventure. The history become to incredible skinwalker evil histories. Down all kinds of different animals in various hunter environments. Sometimes they may attack you back so always be survival alert. Develop a steady hand, line up your sights, and master the skills to take the perfect shot. The evil Bigfoot are the deadliest creature and intelligent on island. They can attack you without any warning but you are a good hunter!. Make your kills precisely and complete them all for even greater rewards and powers! So find the four totems and discover yours powers, take a perfect aim, test your body and skills as a real survival expert and don’t let them escape game.


Game Name: Skinwalker: Bigfoot Hunter
Category: Simulation
Release Date: 25.05.2019
Language: English
Size: 176 MB
Company: Fun Shooting Games 3D
File Type: Apk


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