Zombie Crisis: Survival MOD Items

Zombie Crisis: Survival MOD Items Android Download v2.1.3120

Zombie Crisis: Survival MOD APK is a zombie action game that offers gameplay from different camera angles. Zombies invaded the big city of the game we try to defend on our own, offers high quality graphics. Zombili, plenty of bloody, fast-paced mobile games on your Android phone is not missing.

Zombie Crisis: Survival MOD Items Android Download
Zombie Crisis: Survival MODE APK, instead of zombie-born zombie-born extremely ugly creatures come face to face with the game in a combination of rpg and action elements were used. We are constantly firing to survive against the zombies that surround us. Sometimes we hide in the open, sometimes in the back of something that we see intact, we take the trench and fly the creatures from their heads. After finishing the work of different types of zombies, we encounter the giants, who are known as sonra big boss Farklı. Fortunately there is variety on the side of the weapon; except classical weapons, we have fantastic weapons from electromagnetic guns to flame bombs.

Category: Adventure Games
Release Date: 06.07.2019
Language: English
Size: 98 MB
Company: UboGames
PLAY LINK: Play.Google
File Type: Apk
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